Research Internship

Our broad array of application and research workshops provide the biomedical community with in-depth training in the tools and technologies emerging from the TR&Ds.  However, some challenging scientific problems encountered by experimentalists require more dedicated training and in-person interaction with MMBioS scientists than is possible during a workshop.  To satisfy this need, we offer internship opportunities.

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TECBio REU program — The NSF-funded TECBio REU program provides a 10-week, graduate level research experience to rising juniors and seniors interested in pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering, or math. At least two of these students are selected to do research under the mentorship of MMBioS scientists.

The MMBioS scientists serve many roles in this program, including: acting as research mentors for students, helping to train them to become independent scientists; exposing the students to cutting-edge techniques through introductory classes, hands-on demos and training sessions; and presenting their work and discussing their career paths in the program's weekly seminar series.

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