MCell WorkshopWe have designed a system of modular short courses to be offered at the graduate (primarily doctorate) level, to those students interested in topics such as molecular-to-cellular level modeling and simulations, signalling and regulation of neurotransmission at multiple scales (from single molecules to synapses, to neurons, to neuronal circuits), cell/tissue organization, or bioimage processing.

These short courses are specialized offerings related to MMBioS, over and above the extensive course offerings already available in computational biology at the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University.

The courses benefit graduate students enrolled in relevant PhD programs at both universities, and in particular those in the CPCB program we jointly offer at Pitt and CMU, by educating them about the scientific and technological advances made at MMBioS.  However, these courses are not restricted to CPCB students. Students in other graduate programs in related areas, such as biological sciences, computer science, cell biology, neurobiology, or integrative biology at both universities are also welcome.

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