MMBioS is committed to enabling the broad use of computational technology advanced by the Technology Research and Development projects (TR&Ds).  Effective software dissemination is part of that goal. We are also dedicated to train the experimental and computational community and future generations of researchers in the use of cutting-edge computing technologies and in the fundamental theory and methods that underlie the development of those technologies.

We provide training through

  • Workshops which provide hands-on and state-of-the-art training in topics related to the TR&D projects and other expertise at MMBioS.  These workshops will be targeted to both experimental and computational scientists, and will promote collaboration between those groups.

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  • Research internship programs that offer hands-on training for graduate students and biomedical scientists interested in discovering and pursuing how to incorporate computational approaches in their research.
  • Academic courses in formal educational programs which continue our tradition of training scientists at the post-graduate, graduate, undergraduate and high school levels. 

For a more detailed description of any of these activities, please see the appropriate section of this site.

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