Molecular Modeling

Molecular Modeling

TR&D1:  Molecular modeling and simulations, with focus on identifying functional substates and interaction mechanisms for proteins and their complexes. Coupled…

Cell Modeling

Cell Modeling

TR&D2: Cell modeling, with an emphasis on developing tools to handle spatial and molecular complexity inherent to neuronal signal transmission.…

Image Processing & Analysis

Image Processing & Analysis

TR&D3: Image processing and analysis, with an emphasis on analysis of cell and tissue organization in support of modeling Example…

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Research Highlights

stochasticModelingBing170Stochastic Modeling

Controlling ionizing radiation (IR)-induced cell death mitigates radiation damage. Examining tumor suppressor protein p53 network dynamics in response to IR damage found that the strength of p53 transcriptional activity... read more

azJunction Crossing Ahead

Synapses are the connections between neurons in the brain or between neurons and muscle more.

GltPhGltPh Intracellular Gating

Our recent study highlights the role of the helical hairpin HP2 as an intracellular gate, in addition to its role as an extracellular gate. We have elucidated the pathway of aspartate release... read more.

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